Prep School Leadership Address

The new Prep School Cadet Candidates arrived at the end of last week and have In Processed fully into the Prep School for the upcoming year.

Col. Youderian, Prep School Commander, was out of town today. But Lt Col. Blum, CMSgt Watson and Deputy Director Joe Dague spoke to the new Prep School Cadet Candidates, encouraging them to make the most of this upcoming year.  They spoke about the challenges the CC's will face academically, mentally and physically.  But that these challenges will help them grow as individuals as well as a team. The skills they will learn in the next 10 months will help them in the future if accepted into the Academy and hopefully some day when they become Officers in the U.S. Air Force. But more importantly, the skills and mental fortitude will help them in life.



The Cadre (cadets from the Academy that are leading BMT) were also present as well as the MTI's (military training instructors). The time before and after the leadership spoke to the CC's was used for them to study knowledge such as recognizing military rank.  No time is wasted during BMT.


While the photos you see today may not be the most exciting, hopefully we captured your Prep CC and you can see that they are doing well and adjusting to their new surroundings and way of life.  Military life is something one has to get used to and it is always an adjustment, but well worth it.  


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