Friday Parade Practice

Happy Friday Families,

The first week of BMT is almost in the bag.  Last week at this time, you were all getting ready for I-Day, and now here we are.  Two weeks until BMT ends and classes begin.  Think about how quickly two weeks normally pass in your lives.  Even though the days pass slowly, you will see that the weeks and even months pass quickly.  I always say to my wife about this time every year "I'm going to blink and it will be Christmas".  She hates that, but it is true.

Ok, down to business.  By now, I am sure most of you are already aware that there are new photos up in the BMT album.  Yes, I know that you Alpha Squad families are are saying "what about us?".  Hang in there.  All the photos tend to balance out in the end.  

This morning the trainees are learning about parade formations.  They will practice that alot and they are already starting to figure things out.  Some of you have also started figuring out creative ways to locate your trainee in the photos.  You are finding the person who is their friend, or generally is near them and may be easier to identify.  Find the friend, you find your kid.  Works every time.   Which leads me to formations.  Check out the photo below.


This is one of the flights in Charlie Squadron.  Each prep school squadron is made up of three flights.  Each flight is made of of approximately 25 trainess.  Each flight has three elements (lines).  Military formations always line up from tallest to shortest.  In case you are wondering why, it has its origins in Roman battle formation strategy.  You can look it up.  You might think that is unfair to the short people in the back, since the long legged people in the front naturally take a longer stride, but that is offset by the shorter guidon bearer (with the pole) in the front, who sets the marching pace.  I will admit it is a bit unfair from a photo perspective if you happen to be looking for your shorter basic.  The good news is that sometimes they march in the opposite direction.  See the photo below.


So that is a short lesson on formations, and also of finding your trainee in a group. 

Depending on what the rest of the day brings, I may be back later today with another blog entry, but for sure will have more for you tomorrow.  Stay safe and enjoy your day wherever you are.