Last Day of BMT!

Hi Families!

So today was the last day of BMT! The day started off with all of the basics taking the Honor Oath: "I will not lie, steal, or cheat, not tolerate among us anyone who does. Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and to live honorably, (so help me God; optional)." Then, the whole Prep School, including the permanent party, went on roughly a two mile march. Starting at the Milazzo Center, the group walked around to the bottom of the Stairway to Heaven, before finishing on the Parade Field. On the Parade Field, Col. Szybist gave a speech about how well the basics did over the last 18 days and what they have to do over the next nine and a half months in order to make it to the Academy. The commander of the Prep School also gave out awards to the Cadre for their excellent performance during BMT.

It is a tradition both at the Prep School and at the Academy to hand out shoulder boards as a symbol of the end of basic training. During BMT, the basics do not have a rank, but when they receive their shoulder boards with their new ranks on them, they are officially part of the wing. After Col. Szybist finished handing out awards, all of the basics received their shoulder boards. With shoulder boards in hand, the basics transitioned into preppies! 

The morning ended with the Preppies doing skits where they impersonated their cadre and re-enacted their favorite parts of basic. Let the hilarity ensue.

All of the pictures of the day are up in the gallery now, so check them out!

Congratulations to the Preparatory School Class of 2016! We are all so proud of you!