BMT Summary Sunday

Welcome back to our BMT Summary Sunday blog, this week in BMT your Basics had their first Team Practice/Intramural Day, Parade Practice, Dorm and Airman's Creed lessons and so much more!

This week had a lot of firsts.

On Monday the Basics had Dorm Lessons where their Cadre taught them how their room needs to look in preparation for Inspections (SAMI's). After the Dorm Inspection they were split up into their Squadrons outside where the Basics participated in an Airman's Creed Lesson about Guardians of Honor, and finally the last event of the morning we caught a glimpse of was their first Parade Practice.

Then on Tuesday, it was time for Team Practice. During their Team Practice, the future IC Preppies were split into their sports teams to practice with each other while the rest of the Basics split up and played Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and more. Throughout the year we will catch the sports teams playing at home whenever we can!

Wednesday was the first of 3 Groundhog days, each Squadron had one major activity on these days - Dentist, Ropes Course or a Clearance Lab. We caught two of the three location, Ropes Course and Dentist. The videos below highlight some of the stations at the Ropes Course over these 3 days with different Basics going through. Enjoy!

Friday afternoon brought their mid-BMT haircuts and Drill Practice in the evening after dinner. Each Squadron and their Cadre have been hard at work practicing and this coming week they will have a competition against each other. We will be there to get video and pictures during the competition. I wonder who will win?!

Finally, on Saturday it was time for more Team Practice/Intramurals in the morning and then the Basics made their first BX run to get some small essentials and to the Post Office to check for mail.

Then Saturday evening it was time for the Husky Tour. During the Husky Tour the Basics learned about their Air Force and Prep School heritage. With the rain we had during the Husky Tour, the Basics were confined to three different locations at the Prep School. The MIA/POW Rock, the F-100 Jet and Black Field (their parade field). Tomorrow's blog will go into more detail about the Husky Tour with pictures and video highlights so keep an eye out!

That's it for this week's Summary Sunday Blog. We hope you have a great rest of your Sunday and we will be back tomorrow with more coverage of BMT! Less than one week to go, they're almost there!