Prep Christmas Holiday Lunch

Each year the Prep Staff try to show their appreciation to the Preppies by serving them at the Thankgiving and Christmas Lunch. Not only was the Staff serving them Christmas lunch today, the C/C's participated in a raffle for which staff member they wanted to see wear the Elf costume for the Holiday lunch the most.

The winner was Lt. Col. Russell.

The staff take shifts serving the food during the lunch period to the C/C's.




Lt. Col. Russell went around the Prep DFac handing out candy canes and playing Christmas music while in the Elf costume and she even managed to sneak behind the counter to pass out the candy canes to her coworkers too. 


Between the Christmas lunch and candy canes you could tell the C/C's really enjoyed themselves today.

To view the rest of the pictures from the Christmas Holiday Lunch go to; Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Christmas Holiday Lunch