Prep TX - Bridge Destruction, Talent Show and Fireman's Challenge

Hey Prep Families! TX is well underway. Sorry about the glitch in the first days photos. The good news is that all the photos are fine, and our crack IT folks found the bug in the system that made the photos we uploaded yesterday duplicate themselves endlessly.

You have already had some info about yesterday’s morning events. Yesterday afternoon was the Bridge destruction.  Again it was a team building exercise and also a practical application of what they learned in math. Truss bridges were constructed by each team out of Popsicle sticks. Teams competed by stacking textbooks on the bridges until they failed. The winning team had 27 textbooks.  

**Edit - Hey Prep Families! Here is our highlight video of the Prep Talent Show from Monday evening! Enjoy!**

Last night was the eagerly anticipated “Talent” show. We’ll have a video for your viewing pleasure after we finish the edit. In the meantime here are a few highlight photos.  All of the photos are in the gallery. 

Today the big event that involved almost every Preppie was the Fireman’s Challenge. Most of the Preps will tell you that it is their favorite event. Not only do they have some fun while working in small teams, they really get to learn about the fire fighter career field and experience how the Academies firefighters train.

The challenge is a single elimination relay race. There were 32 teams. It’s like March Madness. Two teams go head to head. Only one advances to the next round, so there is the rounds of 32, 16, 8, 4, and the final. The CC winning team then went head to head with the prep school staff and won. Here are photos of elements of the challenge. 

This afternoon was the Biofuel Challenge. Check back tomorrow for some photos of that in our next blog. Basically the chemistry students make their own fuel and then race cars using the fuel. Always fun. 

Tomorrow is another full day, weather permitting. Keep checking back for more updates.

We want to give a big thank you to all of you for patiently waiting for the Gallery of pictures we've uploaded so far to get fixed. To view the pictures from yesterday evening and this morning, go to Classes - Prep School - Prep TX. Or click the link below.

Bridge Destruction, Talent Show and Fireman's Challenge!