Parent Events for Prep School I-Day

The day before the Prep School class of 2023 In-Processed, CCs and their parents had the opportunity to meet other incoming CCs, coaches, and parents. The AOG has fostered a relationship with the U.S Olympic & Paralympic Museum, to provide parents with a preferential rate to enjoy the museum, meet an AOG Representative, meet the USAFA Parent Liaison Team, and have the opportunity to meet other parents and cadets prior to In-Processing.

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum is a one-of-a-kind tribute to the Olympic and Paralympic movements, with Team USA athletes at the center of the story. Voted the best new attraction in 2020 by USA TODAY, the 60,000-square-foot attraction features 12 immersive and interactive galleries. Located in downtown Colorado Springs, the Museum shares Team USA's Olympic and Paralympic history through iconic artifacts, immersive storytelling, and multiple sports interactive.

Later in the day, there were other meet and greets organized by coaches, and one of the incoming Prep School parents, Selina Herrera, organized a gathering a Parry's Pizza in Colorado Springs where incoming CCs and their parents were able to connect. As the evening progressed, friendships formed, and the start of a new journey began. The night before I-Day was a memorable occasion for all. 

On the day of Prep School In-Processing, parents were able to attend the USAFA Prep School Parent Program at the AOG where they were able to capture a few more fun moments. 



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Prep School Parent Event Photos