Ground Hog Days Are Complete!

It's Finally Friday!

Are you ready for it?  Another strangely similar blog entry.  Today was the third of three pretty much identical training days where the squadrons rotate between dental exams, working on their security clearances, and the ropes course.  Today Charlie took to the ropes, Alpha did clearances, & Bravo went to the dentist.  (Yes, I did copy and paste from yesterday's blog).  At least I warned you yesterday that it might happen.   Here's the good news!  They are doing some different stuff tonight that we are going to cover.  That means that I will have an early blog tomorrow for you to look forward to. 

Here are a few photos from today's action. (Yes, I cut a pasted the first part of this sentence also)



We found more Bravo smiles in the dental clinic.  Bravo also got to work on their marching.



We did notice that part of the ropes course training involved a rubber chicken. Not sure exactly what purpose the rubber chicken played, but I am sure there was an important lesson in there somewhere. You'll have to ask your Basic when BMT is over.  ;-) 

That's it for today.  This mornings photos are up.  Ground hog days are over!  This afternoon's late photo coverage will go up later tonight, but unless you are a night owl, you might want to check back for it in the morning.  Either way I will have a morning (West Coast Time) blog tomorrow to catch you up. 

Enjoy your evening!