PFT & Haircuts

Hi Families!

It's August 1st!  BMT Grad Day Minus 3.  Remember when it was I-Day Minus 3?  The days pass slowly, but the weeks past quickly.  This morning the basics participated in their first PFT. 

Here at USAFA & Prep, cadets and cadet candidates take physical fitness tests each semester to measure their overall strength and conditioning. Proficiency is required in both the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and the Aerobic Fitness Test (AFT) in order to graduate. It serves as a baseline. This test is different from the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) that they took when applying to the Academy.

The fitness-testing program serves many purposes, including:

    Promoting maximum fitness among the cadet wing
    Developing a foundation for a lifetime of fitness
    Recognizing cadets who excel in maintaining their personal fitness

Those members of the cadet wing who achieve the maximum point total on either the PFT or AFT belong to the prestigious 500 Club. Those few cadets who maximize their scores on both of these belong to the exclusive 1000 Club.  Below is a table with the test elements along with the mean and maximum possible scores,courtesy of

Event Men Women
  Mean Max Mean Max
Pull-Ups 12 21 3 8
Long Jump 7’7″ 8’0″ 6’3″ 7’2″
Crunches (Sit ups) 71 95 71 95
Push-Ups 48 72 29 48
600-Yard Run 1:53 1:35 2:12 1:53

This afternoon, it was haircut time again.  Everyone wants to look sharp for BMT graduation.  The good news is that it was only a trim, not the buzz the men received on I-Day.  The ladies were noticably absent from that activity, so there is literally only one female haircut photo.  And here she is!

The men looked noticably happier then when we first saw them in the barber chair on I-Day     

Tomorrow's big event is the DRILL COMPETITION!  Finally!  We will have photos and video.  I will also be back to talk about the BMT concluding coverage.  It's getting close now.   All today's photos are up in the BMT gallery.  Enjoy!