Ground Hog Day #1

Happy Wednesday Families,

I gotta be honest here.  From a WebGuy point of view, the next three days are my least favorite of BMT.  Why is that you may ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  There is almost nothing we can take pictures of.  Today, tomorrow, and Friday the three squadrons will take turns doing the following three activities.  They will be getting their Common Access Cards (CAC).  Those are their military ID cards.  They will go to the dental clinic for a check-up, and they will go up to the Academy to start their security clearances.  That will take most of each day.   I tell you all of this because I need your understanding and patience as we get through these relatively light coverage days.  There will still be photos, but not too many until the weekend.  We are going to cover intramurals again tomorrow morning and I am going to try and get creative and find some other interesting things to show you. 

So with that being said, the photo below is the only one I was able to shoot today.  There are no new photos in the galleries from today.  Enjoy the break from your computer.  Greet your other children.  Clean your house, get some work done at the office.  Remember what your life was like before July 18th.  

Next week will be much more action packed and most importantly, it is the final week of BMT.