1st Quarter Rope Ceremony

This afternoon, the Prep School had their 1st Quarter Rope Ceremony. Cadet Candidates who have reached military excellence by achieving the highest scores in military training, athletics and academics were awarded Ropes. 

The Ropes awarded during this ceremony were.

Dean’s Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
    The Dean's Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Noah Bettner, C/C Isabel Clark, C/C Kaydria Coleman, C/C Patryk Dela Cruz, C/C David Garcia, C/C Megan Laviolette, C/C Kyle McCormick, C/C Charleen Muyot, C/C Nakoa Pauole, C/C Savannah Spearin, and C/C Chanell Um.

Bravo Squad: C/C Elijah Brockman, C/C Zachary Couper, C/C Mark Delp, C/C Caelynn Ferguson, C/C Emily Foley, C/C Bryson Fraelich, C/C Matthew Guevara, C/C Kayne Hutchison, C/C Logan Mann, C/C Katherine Martin, C/C Jacob Ramirez, C/C Amari Terry, and C/C Richard Von Brandt.

Charlie Squad: C/C Thadius Blackmon, C/C Darius Jansen, C/C Benjamin Mercer, C/C Jasmine Sanders, C/C Reese Searcy-Lee, and C/C Grant Young.

Commandant's "Military" Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve a Military Performance Average (MPA) in the top 10% of the Squadron.
    The Military Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Sydney Hutcherson, C/C Thomas Ingram, C/C Tucker Neal, and C/C Matthew Simmons.

Bravo Squad: C/C Reginald Maffett, C/C Mitchel Ryder, and C/C Justin Wilmoth.

Charlie Squad: C/C Alec Borden, C/C Michael Garofalo, and C/C Keeley Wrabetz.

Athletic Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve a Performance Fitness Test (PFT) score in the top 10% of the scores from the Fall 1 test.
    The Athletic Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Quadem Aiu, C/C Ceara Berry, C/C James Handwerk, C/C Rodney Higdon, C/C Elston Joyner, and C/C Zeyon Lyons.

Bravo Squad: C/C Zackary Bowden, C/C David Cormier, C/C Joseph Flax, C/C Sidney Flores, C/C Christian Marshall, C/C Natalie Nicks, C/C Miles Puller, C/C Moses Roemhildt, and C/C Solomon White.

Charlie Squad: C/C Vincent Dolce, C/C Francisco Garcia, C/C Brandon Konecny, C/C Jakeem Patrick, C/C Colby Raphiel, C/C Charles Trafford, C/C Cierra Winters, and C/C Rex Yee.


Vice Commander’s Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve outstanding performance in two of the three mission elements.
    The Vice Commander's Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Ghamanpreet Ahluwalia (AC, M), C/C Sophia Estes (AC, A), C/C Alberto Moita (AC, M), C/C Anthony Neil (AC, M), and C/C James Nuhfer (AC, M).

Bravo Squad: C/C Lawrence Barrett (M, A), C/C Maisha Farjana (AC, M), C/C Patrick Lopez(AC, M), C/C Jalon Love (AC, M), C/C Adelina Martinez (AC, M), and C/C Zachary Phillips (AC, A).

Charlie Squad: C/C Grant Barkhurst (AC, A), C/C Kristopher Campbell (AC, M), C/C Mitchell Garvin (AC, M), C/C Elle Kienitz (AC, M), C/C Elexus Oliver (M, A), C/C Boreth Pech (AC, M), C/C Caden Wolfson (AC, A), and C/C Anthony Walker (AC, A).

AC - Academics, A - Athletics and M - Military

Commander’s Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve outstanding performance in all three mission elements: academics, athletics, military training.
   The Commander's Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Roberto Lara Nino

Bravo Squad: N/A

Charlie Squad: C/C Jasmine Medalle

With each Rope the C/C gets a privilege.

Rope holders (not on probation/restriction) in addition:
- Ropes: extra one weekday, one weekend & pers. bed linen.
- Vice-Comm rope: two weekday, additionally.
- Gold rope: Three weekday passes, additionally.

Recognition of Guidon Streamers - Awarded to the Top 3 Squadrons for the 1st quarter.


1.Bravo Sq - Charlie Flight
2.Charlie Sq - Charlie Flight
3.Bravo Sq - Alpha Flight


1.Bravo Sq - Bravo Flight
2.Bravo Sq - Charlie Flight
3.Bravo Sq - Alpha Flight


1.Alpha Sq - Bravo Flight
2.Charlie Sq - Alpha Flight
3.Charlie Sq - Charlie Flight

Character and Leadership (Squadron Service Award) ribbon was; 

Bravo Squadron

The top Squadron for the 1st Quarter is:

Bravo Squad

Several of the Preppies will be given the opportunity to Fly with one of the Prep Staff this semester!

Congratulations to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Sophia Estes

Bravo Squad: C/C Maisha Farjana

Charlie Squad: C/C Boreth Pech

To view the rest of the pictures from our coverage of the Rope Ceremony go to; Classes - Prep School - Military Training. Or click the link below.

1st Quarter Rope Ceremony