Prep School 9/11 Ceremony

This afternoon the Prep School took part in their 9/11 Memorial Ceremony to remember and honor those who lost their lives 17 years ago and discuss how 9/11 shaped America and the World.

Cadet Candidate Bamieh led the ceremony as the facilitator.


This year 3 prior enlisted C/C’s came up and gave speeches about commitment, choices, and sacrifices.


Finally, the Prep School Commander, Col Thurston spoke to the C/C's about what to take away from the things they heard today as well as thanking them for their service and commitment to the Military.

To view the rest of the pictures taken from our glimpse into the Prep School's 9/11 Ceremony, go to Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Prep School 9/11 Ceremony