Prep School Alpha Blues Fitting

Happy Friday! End of BMT week 2.  One more to go.  Alpha Squadron got their turn for service dress uniform fittings. 

Since we are still on the subject of uniforms, I would like to talk a bit about hats, and the wearing of same.  Specifically the flight cap.  In the Navy it's called a garrison cap.  I guess I am a bit old school, but the way a uniform is worn, says something about the person.  Like everything else in the Air Force there are regulations and guidance for wearing hats.  Here is the official guidance on wearing of the flight cap.

"The flight cap will be worn slightly to the wearer's right with vertical creases of the cap in line with the center of the forehead and in a straight line with the nose.  The cap extends approximately 1 inch  from the eyebrows in the front and the opening of cap is to the rear.  If not worn, tuck under the belt on wearer’s left side, between the first and second belt loops (cap will not fold over belt or be visible below service coat)"

Every year at this point of BMT during service dress fittings I enjoy watching the basics try on their hats.  Some really struggle to figure it out, but for the most part, this group of basics are off to a good start. Of course the Priors have the benefit of experience. 

Everyone seems to be getting the hang of it though.

The other thing I am really starting to notice is the transition to good military bearing.  You can tell that the Cadre are doing a good job.  Look at how the basics below are standing, even while trying on their uniforms.  Their hands are cupped  and even in their socks, their feet are at a 45 degree angle.  Very cool.

Here's a preview of how they will look in these uniforms next come next May. 

Ok. That's today's entry.  All the photos are up.  I hope you all were able to see the Virtual Town Hall yesterday.  It was recorded, so if you missed it live, you can still see it.  Graduation is a week from today!  It's going by fast.  Lots more coverage to come. 

Back tomorrow!  Enjoy your day.