The BMT Home Stretch

We're on the home stretch now.  Sorry, I didn't blog yesterday.  I actually took the night off.  I was in serious need of doing some laundry.  As we approach Saturday and the end of Prep Basic Military Training, I'm sure you are all counting the days.  So are your Basics, but there is still lots to do between now and then.  Yesterday and today started with physical training.  Yesterday it was organized PT by squadron and today it was the more informal intramurals.  The IC athletes were all lifting weights.

Tomorrow's schedule is full again with a reading skills assessment in the morning a drill competition in the afternoon and and SAMI in the evening.  What is a SAMI you may ask?  It stands for Saturday AM Inspection.  Yes, I know tomorrow is Wednesday, but those inspections are typically given on Saturday mornings both at the Prep School and at USAFA, hence the name.   For those of you parents who could never get your child to clean their rooms, the SAMI would do your heart good.   Everything must be perfectly clean and in order in their room.  By clean, I mean CLEAN.  No dust or lint anywhere.  The inspectors are very exacting.  I'm sure it will be a wake-up call for many.

Our main coverage tomorrow will be the drill competition.  It is always one of my favorites each year.  Each squadron picks their best, but they cannot all be prior enlisted basics.  Some have to be direct entry basics.  (Direct Entry, means no prior military service).  We will have both photos and video.  The winning squadron gets points toward the top squadron at the end of BMT.

Ok.  That's it for tonight.  The hour grows late and the morning will come early for me (although not as early as for the Basics).

Below are a few photos from the past couple of days.  All the photos from today are going up into the gallery as I write this.  Check back tomorrow evening to see which squadron wins the  drill competition.  Have a good evening!