USAFA Prep I Day Preview

Hello USAFA Prep School Families and Friends!

Welcome to the WebGuy Prep Blog! This is the first entry for the Prep Class of 2024. While our coverage is more extensive during the 22 Basic Military Training days, we will be with you with photos and commentary throughout the entire prep school year right through graduation next May. 

This year's Prep class consists of 233 Preppies, 167 males and 66 females. 

This blog entry is a preview of some of what's to come on I-Day.  Everything is quiet now at the Prep School, but come about 7:00am on Friday the pace will pick up dramatically.  


On I-Day arrival at the Prep School will be a "Drop-and-Go".  Only the appointee will be exiting the vehicle.  Make sure you say your goodbyes before you arrive.  Don't wait till the last minute.   Also, be assured that while your drop-off will be short if you are coming with your appointee, our photographers will be there to cover the whole day.  The drop off is also not your last stop.  Make sure you head to Doolittle Hall (The Assn of Graduates Building) for the I-Day Parent & Family Event.  More info later in this blog entry.



Speaking of photographers, here is some basic information about the WebGuy program to get you started off on the right foot.  First, the WebGuy website where you are reading this blog has a free part and and members only part. The blog is free as are the photos included there.  The photos in the public gallery are also free.  The links to our online store and the parents portal as well as links to other parts of our main Association of Graduates website at are also free.  Our huge photo galleries and the unlimited free downloads of the high resolution photos we take both at the Academy and here at the Prep School all year round are a benefit of membership in the Association of Graduates (AOG), as a Family Member through our Family Plans.  Here is a link to find out more about membership.  Family Memberships

Next, here is where to find the Prep School Photos.  Once you have created your membership account and login to the members area of the site, if you look to the banner at the top of our page to the right of our logo, you will see some headings labeled, Blog, Classes, Galleries, Shop, & Account.  To find the Prep School photos, click on the "Classes" Heading.  You will see a drop down menu showing Class Years.  At the bottom you can choose Prep School.


When you select Prep School, you will see the current Prep School Year Page. It is already set to Prep 21-22 Academic Year, and Presto!  You will see the correct gallery.  Right now there are no albums, but as soon as we start uploading photos on July 8th you will see the first album for In-Processing Day and after that for Basic Military Training.  As the year progresses we will add other albums.

Click on one of those album icons and you will see all the photo thumbnails.  You can either view them by most recent (newest), to oldest or the other way around.  You can also bookmark your photos to save or download them to your device at your convenience.