Drill Competition Results

Hello Families,

Today was the Drill Competition.  One of my favorite parts of BMT.  Here were the rules.  Each squadron fielded an all-star Flight containing 3 Elements of 7 Basics with Guidon and Flight Commander.  Eight squadron must have 5 Priors (max), 5 Females (min), 5 Recruited Athletes (min).  They must all do the same basic elements, but in no set sequence and they can add special moves.   Pretty sure the basic elements included facing movements (right face, left face, etc), a salute, parade rest, & attention.  Drilling movements should include, foward march, column movements, flanking movements, to the rear march, change step march.  As mentioned they can also add a little razzle dazzle, but it is like extra credit. Points are deducted for technical mistakes.  It is always the small things that make difference.  Considering the direct entry basics only arrived on July 19th, seeing this competition is really awesome.  The Cadet Cadre and the Priors have done a great teaching job.  Watch all three videos, then see who won.  In my book, they are all winners! 



Congratulations to the Winner!  Well deserved, but the were all awesome.

Tomorrow, we will cover the final PFT (Physical Fitness Test) of Basic Training.  I will also talk about what to expect between now and next Tuesday when the Cadet Candidates begin classes.  Here are a couple of items first though.  The will get their phones back at some point after Saturday.  If things go like in past years, they should be able to keep them for safety purposes from then on, but their usage will be closely regulated in the beginning.  Please do yourself and  them a favor and respect the rules as they are announced.  Your Preppie will know what the rules are.  Don't get them in trouble by asking for more contact then they are authorized to give you.  More on that later.  

Secondly.  Saturday there is a final BMT road march and concluding remarks which will end on Black Field about 10:30am.   DoD card holders can observe the remarks from the bleachers if they have access with the following understanding.  They MAY NOT interact with the CC's at any time and the CC's (Cadet Candidates) will not be released from training to meet with them.  They still have a full schedule the rest of the day in order to prepare for the beginning of classes on Tuesday.  No special arrangements for base access will be made for non- DoD ID card holders.  The first official time to see your Cadet Candidates is Parent's Weekend.  (This comes directly from Commandant Major Gary Foster.)   I'm just messenger.  :-)

We will have lots of photos tomorrow  from the PFT and I'll be back too.  In the meantime, enjoy these videos.