Preppies Down At The Airfield

Yesterday C/C Ashley Salato and C/C Zachary Kornblatt were given the opportunity to fly with Lt. Col. Christensen who is assigned to the 306 FTG.

These two students were selected from a list of the top performers from each of the C/C squadrons after the 3rd Academic quarter. The criteria that the Prep School uses to determine who gets an orientation flight is to look for the student in each squadron with the top GPA after the given quarter, but the student must have also earned a spot on at least one other merit list (Military, Athletic). Thus, a student with a 4.0 GPA but who has not also excelled in another mission area is not eligible.

The Prep School did the same thing after the 1st quarter and 2nd quater as well and the C/C's really enjoyed the flight and the exposure it gave them to the AF flying mission. It's also fun since the current Dean of the Prep School, Lt. Col. Christensen, happens to be a flyer so he is the one who gets to take them flying.

Each of the Preppies were given taken on hour and a half flights. Below are some overall highlights from their day.


To view the rest of the pictures go to, Classes - Prep School - Prep Life. Or click the link below.

Preppies Take Flight!