Prep School Rope Ceremony

Rope Ceremony

Yesterday was the Prep Schools Third Rope Ceremony this year, Cadet Candidates who have reached military excellence by achieving the highest scores in military training, athletics and academics were awarded Ropes. 

The Ropes awarded during this ceremony were.

White Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates thorugh observation of leadership abilities and work performance.
The White Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Dre’Yana Anthony, C/C Robert Browne, C/C Maria Gasparovich, C/C Naomi Hughes, C/C Cleapatra Jackson, C/C Francisco Martinez, C/C Johnathan Toussaint, C/C Xavier Vega, and C/C Andrew Ka.

Bravo Squad: C/C Shadrin Andres, C/C Yamiya Fowlkes, C/C Aleah Harris, C/C Rachel Jung, C/C Luke Miller, C/C Charlie Stevens, and C/C William Winstead.

Charlie Squad: C/C Bryan Agustin, C/C Ameka Akaya, C/C Adda Lantigua, C/C Vincent Lombardi, C/C Connor McCormick, C/C Stephen Omoragbe, C/C Grace Robinson, and C/C Cameron Wilcher.

The Chapel White Rope Leadership Program (WRLP) is a leadership training program for volunteer C/Cs. It is an interfaith program that welcomes all volunteers irrespective of their faith.  C/Cs are held to a high standard of integrity and service. Recruits are interviewed by the Chaplain and Head White Rope. Those who meet the criteria are selected and given an opportunity to serve as shadow Ropes in the Fall semester. They will be considered as White Ropes in training, and will be recognized as White Ropes in the Spring semester.

Dean’s Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
    The Dean's Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Benjamin Bollinger, C/C Robert Browne, C/C Jacob Croall, C/C Maria Gasparovich,C/C Jonathan Junco, C/C Michele Nguyen, C/C Durkin Ross, C/C Griffin Smith, and C/C Kyler Wedgeworth.

Bravo Squad: C/C Shadrin Andres, C/C Christian Barrette, C/C Kole Cerjan, C/C John Guthrie, C/C Jonathan Imperial, C/C Rachel Jung, C/C Apiluck Kongsomboonvech, C/C Sarah Leslie,and C/C Jacoby Ward.

Charlie Squad: C/C Cameron Conrad, C/C Anthony DeCasare, C/C Colin Entinger, C/C Jordan Jackson, C/C Erin Leslie, C/C Alex Pham, C/C Gregory Robinson, C/C Rishe Seenath, and C/C Jeffrey Silvin.


Military Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve a Military Performance Average (MPA) in the top 10% of the Squadron.
    The Military Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Jonathan McGregor, C/C Kaleb Nunez, C/C Sergei Sharer, and C/C Tynisha Spencer.

Bravo Squad: C/C Jonathan Hintz, C/C Mario Kastl, C/C Allison McGrath, C/C Vernon Nazareno, C/C Kevin Reichardt, and C/C Gabriel Thorne.

Charlie Squad: C/C Kiana Brantley, C/C Channing Davis, and C/C Alexander Nichols.


Athletic Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve a Performance Fitness Test (PFT) score in the top 10% of the scores from the Fall 1 test.
    The Athletic Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Parker Simington (450) and C/C Andrew Grove (420).

Bravo Squad: C/C Timothy Burd(496), C/C Mahala Norris, (476), C/C Trezden Johnson, (472), C/C Jillian Jamero, (465), C/C De’Ja Calder (464), C/C Marcella Rivas (457),C/C Jacob Hennie (447), C/C William Winstead IV (446), C/C Matthew Goode (443), and C/C Aleah Harris (411).

Charlie Squad: C/C Lauren Miller (490), C/C Alexis Springfield (457), C/C John Alexander (443), C/C Terence Perkins (440), and C/C Daniel Morris (411).


Vice Commander’s Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve outstanding performance in two of the three mission elements.
    The Vice Commander's Rope was awarded to;

Alpha Squad: C/C Adeola Adekunle (A/M), C/C Pamela Butanda (A/M), C/C Jeremy Leondires (AC/A), C/C Julio Rosales Jr. (AC/M), and C/C Matthew Vidican (AC/M).

Bravo Squad:

C/C Adrian Robinson Jr. (AC/A), C/C Charles Stevens (AC/M), C/C Natahan Thompson (AC/M), and C/C Fuh Tsai (AC/M).

Charlie Squad: C/C Adeola Adeboyejo (AC/M), C/C Brea Griddine (AC/M), C/C Akshay Kumar (AC/M), C/C Sokhalita Mam (AC/M), C/C Callan Medeiros (AC/M), C/C Isaiah Sampson (AC/A), C/C Tyler Stewart (A/M), and C/C Keaton VanSoelen (AC/A).


Commander’s Rope - Awarded to cadet candidates who achieve outstanding performance in all three mission elements: academics, athletics, military training.
    Sadly, this quarter no Preppies were awarded the Commander's Rope. We'll see how they do next quarter!

With each Rope the C/C gets a privilege.

Rope holders (not on probation/restriction) in addition:
- Ropes: extra one weekday, one weekend & pers. bed linen.
- Vice-Comm rope: two weekday, additionally.
- Gold rope: Three weekday passes, additionally.

Recognition of Guidon Streamers - Awarded to the Top 3 Squadrons for the 1st quarter.

1. Charlie Squadron, Charlie Flight
2. Charlie Squadron, Alpha Flight
3. Alpha Squadron, Bravo Flight

1. Charlie Squadron, Alpha Flight
2. Charlie Squadron, Charlie Flight
3. Alpha Squadron, Bravo Flight

1. Alpha Squadron, Alpha Flight
2. Bravo Squadron, Bravo Flight
3. Bravo Squadron, Alpha Flight

The top Squadron for the 1st quarter is: Charlie Squad!

And finally, several of the Preppies will be given the opportunity to Fly with one of the Prep Staff this semester!

Alpha Squad: C/C Vidican

Bravo Squad: C/C Thompson

Charlie Squad: C/C Griddine

To view the rest of the pictures from our coverage of the Rope Ceremony go to; Classes - Prep School - Military Training. Or click the link below.

Rope Ceremony