Last BMT Intramurals


We covered the final BMT intramurals this morning.  It was a Murphy's Law morning with lost SD cards and camera issues, so while we touched everything, the photos are minimal.  The best part was seeing the faces of the preps.  They know we are almost to the end of BMT.  We are all pushing through to the finish however. 


Tomorrow we will make up for the lack of photos from today.  It is the Stanley Canyon Hike.  The entire prep school will participate.  Let hope for good weather.  Along with those photos, tomorrow's blog will talk about BMT graduation, and expectations for the transition to the academic year.  Don't miss it. 

I would like to close tonight with a photo of USAFA Preppies from the Prep Class of 2019.  They were where your kids are now last summer, and are where you kids will be at this time next year.  They are just completing USAFA Basic Cadet Training.  They all say the same thing.  They wouldn't trade their prep year for anything.  Preppies for life!  Have a great evening!