Drill Competition Day!

Yes!  The results are in!  Today's main event.  The Drill Competition.  One of my favorite parts of BMT.  Here were the rules.  Each squadron fielded an all-star flight containing 3 Elements of 7 Basics with Guidon and Flight Commander.  Eight squadron may have 5 Priors (max), 5 Females (min), 5 Recruited Athletes (min).  They must all do the same basic elements, but in no set sequence and they can add special moves.   Pretty sure the basic elements included facing movements (right face, left face, etc), a salute, parade rest, & attention.  Drilling movements should include, foward march, column movements, flanking movements, to the rear march, change step march.  As mentioned they can also add a little razzle dazzle, but it is like extra credit. Points are deducted for technical mistakes.  It is always the small things that make difference.  Considering the direct entry basics only arrived on July 17th, and the Priors probably haven't marched since their original enlisted BMT, seeing this competition is really awesome.  The cadet cadre and the priors have done a great teaching job.  Watch all three videos, then see who won in the fourth.  No cheating.   In my book, they are all winners!   BTW, please forgive all the background noise.  It was out of my control. 

Here's Alpha.

Here's Bravo!

Here's Charlie!

And Finally, THE WINNER IS...

We also took lots of casual photos of both the participants and the observers.  Lots of smiles today.  They are all up in the BMT gallery. 

Tomorrow should be a  a good photo day for us.  It's swim evaluation day.  That's right.  Swimming Preppies!  I am anxious to see how they do. 

Ok.  That's it for this blog!   Congratulations to all three squadrons for the hard work they put into the competition!  For the two squadrons who didn't come out on top today, remember the over-all top squadron competition is not over yet.  We'll find that out on Saturday.   Back tomorrow with more the the final BMT week.