Prep BMT Day 1

Today was the first BMT training day for the Prep School.  I-Day is considered Training Day Zero, so everyone got to the business of getting started. 


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That's A Wrap!

The USAFA Prep School is pretty quiet now.  Dorm repairs and upgrades are still going on.  Prep school staff are going about their end-of-year business, but the new graduates of the Prep Class of 2016 are headed out for their short summer break.  The circle that started in July 2015 is now complete. 

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TX Wrap-UP

They are no longer Cadet Candidates.  They are now officially Appointees to the USAFA Class of 2020!  Pretty Cool, Eh?  Hard earned and well deserved.  There were lots of tired but happy faces in the theater when Col Szybist made the offical announcement and personally handed out the official Letters of Appointment to each new appointee.  We got a photo each and they are now up in the TX gallery along with all the other photo taken over the past 5 days. 

 *** We've posted the Poetry Slam Video within the blog. Thank you for your patience in our getting it posted! Enjoy!***

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