2017 Merchandise At The AOG Gift Shop

Hey 2017 Parents! If you're still in town come on by the AOG's Gift Shop! They have 2017 merchandise in stock but it is limited, so stop by to get it while it is still available! You can get it at Doolittle Hall or online! Congratulations again to all of your 2nd Lts!

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Ring Dance!

Ring Dining Out for the class of 2018 was this past Friday and we were there to capture your Cadets throughout the exciting evening! Click the blog to read more and to see our highlights from the Tzo and Ring Dance. We are hoping to get pictures from USAFA's Public Affairs sometime today or tomorrow from the Ring Dining Out dinner!

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Prep Graduation Week

Well, as soon as Prep TX ended for the C/C's it was time for Prep Graduation Week! We attended just about every event during Graduation too! Click the blog for highlights and to see what we attended during Graduation Week!

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Prep TX Day 4 - Finished!

Hey Prep Families! Your C/C's are officially done with Prep TX! We will be hard at work over the course of the next few days getting the rest of the pictures from Saturday through today up in the Galleries so keep an eye on the blogs and our facebook page for updates on the pictures being posted! Congratulations to all of your C/C's! Click the blog to read about what events they had today and about their Prep TX Dinner!

**The last event from Sunday evening and all of Monday's coverage of TX Events are currently uploading into the TX Gallery! Click the blog to get to the first page of Sunday evening and Monday's coverage!**

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Prep TX Day 3

Hey Prep Families! Today was Day 3 of Prep TX, by this time tomorrow your C/C's will have completed TX and will be getting ready for Graduation! Today the C/C's had the Amazing Race, a Talent Show and a Night Evasion event. Click the blog to read more and to see highlights from our coverage!

**Just about all of the pictures from Sunday's TX Events are currently uploading into the TX Gallery! We will be uploading the Night Evasion event with Monday's coverage after we edit the rest of TX!  Click the blog to get to the link for the first page of Sunday's coverage**

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