DDO is Coming!

Tomorrow will be a light day for WebGuy as it's Doolie Day Out. Yay! The Basics get to go away from the Academy if they have a sponsor, they get their phones back, and just have a relaxed day even if they don't leave.


The sponsor pickup is at 8:00 AM, so don't panic if you don't hear from your Basic right away. If you're not your Basic's sponsor, they will be able to call you, but not right at 8:00 AM. It might be a little later, depending on when they get their phone. However, they will be getting phones back and have an opportunity to call.


WebGuy will be there at the very beginning of the day, during the sponsor pickup, but other than that, we're not around. We'll be back Sunday for intramurals and a few other things, then back full force on Monday as they prepare to march out to Jacks Valley. This would be the perfect day to go outside... maybe have a picnic, walk the dogs, play with your other kids... do the shopping or laundry... any number of things that you may have been neglecting to do as we are uploading pictures!


Either way, you will be hearing from your Basic at some point during the day, but it might not be at 8:00 AM (Mountain Time). So relax, put up your feet, and have a good Saturday!