Commandant's Challenge

Today the Cadet Wing participated in the annual Commandant's Challenge, which has been going on for 11+ years here at the United States Air Force Academy.

The mission of the Commandant's Challenge is to promote the Warrior Spirit through military training and challenge each cadet. All in effort to motivate cadets to become officers of character and to provide purposeful training required to produce leaders in the United States Air Force. Today’s events were hosted in Jacks Valley and focused on land navigation with an emphasis on collaboration and communication. There were multiple stations/check points that would challenge each squadron on various levels. By completing these challenges, cadets shared a sense of responsibility, pride, and humility.

Brig. Gen. Goodwin’s priorities for all cadets is People, Mission, and Pride. This year’s Commandant’s Challenge reflected all these priorities and ensuring that there is pride and accountability in attending this institution. Today her goal of making training purposeful and instilling the Warrior Spirit in USAFA cadets was a success.






At the end of the event, all 40 squadrons formed up on Spirit Hill. The Vice Commandant congratulated the cadets on competing and completing the Commandant Challenge.  Each squadron was scored based on a couple factors including time completing and obstacles completed. The top 3 squadrons for this event were Squadron 16, 8, 29!


First Place - Squadron 16

Second Place - Squadron 8

Third Place - Squadron 29

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