Unchained Club

C1C Caroline Cotton and 2016 Graduate 2nd Lt Steven Brandt started Unchained in the Spring of 2014 as a cadet club that spreads awareness within the Cadet Wing about the crime of human trafficking and connects cadets to opportunities in Colorado Springs to serve human trafficking victims and support efforts to combat human trafficking. Within the Cadet Wing, Unchained holds monthly meetings where cadets gather to learn about current issues in human trafficking as well as to work on projects or listen to speakers. Unchained has hosted speakers from the Exodus Road, International Justice Mission, and from other small businesses and NGOs that work to fight human trafficking and support victims.

Moreover, Unchained has connected hundreds of cadets to volunteer opportunities that range from Stands for Freedom at USAFA that raises awareness about the issue, to bag drives that collect items for human trafficking victims. Unchained has additionally encouraged cadets to volunteer on their own time with programs such several NGOs in Colorado Springs including the Human Trafficking Task Force of Colorado Springs, Restore Innocence, Sarah’s Home, and the Exodus Road, as well as international NGOs such as the International Justice Mission and Purnaa. Some of the Cadets in this club have not only volunteered within the United States, but Internationally as well.


Last week they met three times and watched "Nefarious: Merchant of Souls" on Monday and Wednesday. We stopped by before they watched the film to catch all of the Cadets in attendance. 



Then on Friday C1C Caroline Cotton led a group discussion of the film and human trafficking, providing facts about prevention efforts and volunteer information, as well as incorporating each of the Cadets ideas into future planning to more-so bring awareness to this cause.


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