Webguy for a day

Wow! What a fun experience. I had the privelege of being a webguy for the day, giving me a first hand glimpse of what BCT is like for our cadets.  Like you, I love webguy and am so thankful for the service that they provide to parents and family members.  (I will make a plug that if you are not a member, YOU NEED TO BE!)

First of all you should know that all the webguy photographers are so sweet and so polite and REALLY want to do a great job for all the parents!  After grabbing a camera and all the necessary equipment, we headed up to the Tzo to grab photos of the squadrons that were doing training this morning. There really is a conscious effort to capture every cadet in the flight. It's no easy task, believe me.

There are rules that have to be followed, even for photographers. One is stay out of the way of an oncoming flight; they will not stop for you if you are in their path. Thankfully I was able to duck out of the way instead of being trampled by the cadets. It was a close one.

Once a photographer is finished shooting, it's back to the webguy operations room where photos are downloaded, edited, filed and uploaded. Quite a process, that is all done quickly because they know you parents are waiting on pins and needles to see a glimpse of your cadet. Enjoy the pictures, enjoy the process, remember to take a break from looking at pictures and talk to your family members! (haha).

Cadre hard at work...really.....some has to hold the tree up and sit in those chairs!

It's all about working together to make each other better. These two were off to the side, practicing flight drill procedures.

This group kept growing in number of smiling faces.

Happy Basics!