PB & Jellies Contest!

Because RECOGNITION is near, we figured, it's TIME FOR A CONTEST!


Do you have the NEED for Speed??!!


We have partnered with Retired Colonel, and USAFA Graduate, Gar Frith, to bring you an experience you'll never forget!   He has been training Cadets and Lieutenants for over fifteen years in the art of flight - except from a more "unique" perspective -  upside down, sideways, and all around!   And now YOU can win this flight for FREE along with NINE other prizes we will be giving away from the Grad owners at PB and Jellies.  ALL you have to do is dine with us for delivery!   And every time you do through March 6th, your name will be entered into a drawing and the winners chosen on the following day.   For details, follow the links from our website!


PB & Jellies