Summer Seminar Cadre Training

According to the USAFA website, Summer Seminar is a program offered by USAFA that gives high school students the ability to experience life on campus firsthand. Summer Seminar allows high school juniors heading into their senior year the opportunity to live like a cadet for four days.

The cadre assist in Summer Seminar and help guide the high school students during their stay at USAFA. On Friday afternoon, the Summer Seminar cadre participated in team-building exercises. These are team-building exercises they plan to do with high school students for Summer Seminar.

Summer Seminar gives the cadre more leadership experience and also helps prepare high school students for what kind of mindset they will need while cadets at the Academy. 

If you would like to learn more about Summer Seminar, visit the USAFA Summer Seminar FAQ page. 



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Summer Seminar Cadre Training Photos