The End of I-Day

All right WebFans, as I-Day draws to a close, I hope you are all very proud of your new Basic Cadets. They're embarking on a journey that will change them in so many ways, and will truly be a unique experience. This evening, the Basics all went to dinner in Mitchell Hall and have now returned to their squadrons. Photos will continue going up to the website into tomorrow morning, so don't stay up too late looking through them all.


Before signing off for the night, I wanted to explain some general ideas of what you should and shouldn't expect this summer.



- Understanding what the Basics are going through each day, and getting the overall story.

- Stories of what our photographers see and hear when they are out amongst your Basics.

- Sarcastic blogs.

- Stupid blogs.



- Daily coverage of your individual Basic Cadet. We cannot get everyone all the time. If we could, we would hire 1250 photographers and assign them to a single Basic for the summer. We will do our best to show you what each squadron is doing, but don't bank on getting photos of your Basic every single day. 

- Videos of your Basic. For reasons explained in the above bullet point, we have neither the time nor manpower to get constant videos of everyone. Instead, our videos are meant to be demonstrative, and to give a better understanding of an activity than a photo might provide. If we post a video of Hellcats learning their flight drill, it would be safe to assume that every other squadron is learning the exact same thing. 

- Smiles. Basics are not allowed to smile for us, nor are we allowed to interact with them in any way, which means we will not be encouraging smiles, or anything that would cause them to break their bearing. When they are in relaxed situations, some may smile for us unprompted and we will catch as many of those as we can. However, if you see that your Basic isn't smiling in any photos, don't worry! They're just doing what they're told.


As we move into the weekend, I'll put up another blog with some more expectations and explanations, and possibly some useless trivia. Who knows, we might even do a contest in the next few days!


Don't spend all night on here. Go to bed, be proud of your Basic Cadet, and trust me when I say they will be just fine.