Forged in Blue

The purpose of the Forged in Blue Program is to allow graduates and families of Legacy Classes to donate their class rings to the cadet ring program. The precious metals from donated rings will be used to manufacture new cadet rings, giving the classes a tangible connection.

This program will begin between the Classes of 1970 and 2020. It is voluntary but we hope quickly becomes a significant addition to the Legacy Class Program. Forged in Blue will include the class of 1970 donated rings and any graduate rings of significant importance to the cadet class.

In attendance for this event was the USAFA AOG CEO Marty Marcologno, USAFA 2020 Class President C2C Graham Kennis, Mike Torreano ’70 Legacy Class member and several others.

Class Rings that were melted were 6 in total belonging to graduates from ’59, ’60, ’63, and a three ‘70’s.

The AOG/Jostens were given the following graduates rings;

  1. 1959 Mr. John G Houston 5/2/2015. Presented by Max Miller ’59. Mr. Houston’s ring was presented by his widow, Renee Houston and classmate Eugene Vosika. “The ring is not only a symbol of the brotherhood of arms, but it represents belonging to the unique organization, the US Air Force Academy Class of 1959. There is no stronger bond than the “brotherhood of arms” when one trains with and fights for the unit and the greatest country in the world, the United States of America.”

  2. 1960 Lt Col (Ret) Edward W. Leonard, Jr. 11/11/2014. Presented by Jim Glaza ’60. Lt Col (Ret) Leonard’s ring was presented by his widow, Suzanne Leonard and classmate Jim Glaza. Ed Leonard “Five years a POW (Camp Commander) in Laos and NVN, including 3 ½ in solitary. One shoulder, both hips and both knees replaced, back broken three times, all theeth broken out-all from torture. Four Silver Starts, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, one Bronze Star, twenty-one Air Medals and two Purple Hearts from combat. An Incredible inspiration.”

  3. 1963 Mr. Edward E. ‘Gene’ Rosendahl 8/29/2016. Presented by Hank Hoffman ’63. Mr. Rosendahl asked his 3 adult children to make sure his class ring went back to the Air Force Academy because of the impact the Academy had on his life. “We are pleased to know that his ring that held so many special memories will be melted and shared with future graduates to come. We hope they embrace the symbolism of the ring, hold great pride in themselves for their accomplishments and that their children will one day also find the beauty of their father’s and mother’s hands and the big ring that rests upon it.”

  4. 1970 Gen (Ret) Gregory Martin is presenting his own class ring. Gen Martin lost, but replaced his Air Force Academy class ring. The lost ring was eventually recovered. Gen Martin donated his original ring to Forged in Blue to show his support as a member of the Legacy Class of 1970.

  5. 1970 Col (Ret) Richard ‘Steve’ Mac Isaac is presenting his own class ring. “This is where I started. My ring always reminded me of my successes due to my days at USAFA. I want to thank the Academy and CS-23 for guiding me to bigger and better things.”

  6. 1970 Unknown. Mike Torreano ’70 is presenting on behalf of the Class of 1970. The ring was recovered early 2000’s and sent to the Association of Graduates. The inscription was scratched away and the original owner never found. This ring represents the support of the entire Legacy Class of 1970.





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The video clip below shows highlights of the process in which the rings were melted and then placed in the ingot to cool. The ingot was to C2C Graham Kennis, the 2020 Class President at this evening’s Commitment Dinner.

We are currently editing our photo coverage of Commitment dinner so keep an eye out for another blog this evening!

To view the rest of our glimpse into this afternoon’s Forged in Blue event go to; Classes – 2020 – Commitment Dinner. Or click the link below.

Forged in Blue - USAFA Ring Melt