BCT 2 Has Begun!

Happy Monday!

We hope you enjoyed the photos from this weekend and also took some time off on Sunday to go outside, see the sun, speak to your other family members, or get some exercise.  With the BCT2 cadre now in place, this week marks the beginning of the end of what must feel like "Groundhog Day" to your basics.  Believe me there really is much more going on than Intramurals, visits to the C Store, and Uniform Issue  each day.    While we will be covering those events again this week, (for the last times this summer) there will also be preparations being made for Doolie Day Out and the March Out to Jacks Valley. More on that later in the week.

With today being a light photo day, I was having a bit of writer's block and looking back at some blogs from previous BCTs for an inspiraton.  I found the blog from this day last summer.   See below (in part)...

"Thanks to all for your generosity and also the cards that went with the food.  Be assured that we are sharing with all the folks who make WebGuy possible. 


We have received more than what is pictured above, but this is just a sample.  Thank you all so much!  Have a great evening.  I am headed off to sample some of the goodies."


Wow, I knew something was missing this year.  Since I am not the only blogger this summer, somehow I forgot to do my shameless pitch for goodies to sustain all our staff over the coming rigors of Jacks Valley coverage.  You have all been so gratious with your comments of thanks and kind words about our coverage.  I just know that with the proper motivation and sustinence, we will redouble our efforts to get that perfect photo of your basic.   Our photographers have hinted that baked goods, healthy snacks, or maybe something representing your home state would be wonderful.  This of course is all optional.  We do what we do because we love it, but food is, well, food.  That being said, should you feel so inspired, here is our address:

WebGuy Team
C/O USAFA Assn of Graduates
3116 Academy Drive
USAF Academy, CO 80840

We'll be back later in the day with details about today's coverage as the photos start going up.  In the meantime, as you read this, please keep the parents of the USAFA Prep School Class of 2019 appointees in your thoughts.  Remember how you all felt just three short weeks ago as you anticipated I-Day.   Prep I-Day is Wednesday for them. 

Ok.  That's it for now.  Enjoy your day!