I Day Photos Round 3

WebGuy has finished editing the remainder of the I-Day photos!  Over 20,000 photos were taken on I Day.  While we try to capture every Basic Cadet at each area, we don't always succeed.  But hopefully we were able to capture your Basic Cadet at least a few times throughout the day.  We know it is a lot of photos to look at just trying to find your Basic.  With them being mixed together throughout the day and not divided by squadron, we are unable to put them into Squadron folders.

In-Processing day is a long day for the Basic Cadets and one of the most memorable experiences for the men is getting all of their hair shaved off.  This will be just one of the many memories they will have from I Day! Regulations concerning haircut style and length has been forever a part of military history. From the buzzcut to the flattop to the high and tight, the mens haircut has always been short!  Some Basic Cadets arrived with their hair already cut, but others kept their mane of hair until the very last second. As you continue to look for your Basic, the challenge just became a greater one as they all now have the same haircut! For the men anyway.



The regulations for acceptable Women's hairstyles has recently changed and they are allowed more variety.  Previous policies permitted a ponytail, small locs, twists or braids-but they could extend no farther than the bottom of the uniform collar.

Starting in February 2021 female service members are being allowed to wear their hair in a single braid, two braids or a ponytail that extends as far as the bottom of the shoulderblades and does not continue past the bottom of the uniform's short sleeves.  Women will also be able to wear bangs that touch their eyebrows, not not cover their eyes.

The women were given a tutorial on how to put their hair into a bun that is at the nape of their neck but above the collar.  They were shown a video on the accepted hairstyle such as a braid or ponytail.  If any of the women decided they wanted their haircut short, they are able to get that done on I Day as well. Many of those who had longer hair donated the hair that was cut to be used for wigs for those in need, such as cancer patients.



The final WebGuy I-Day coverage was of the Basics getting issued some of their uniforms such as PT (Physical Training) gear, camouflage jacket, shirt and pants, and their green duffel bag.



To view photos from the last part of I-Day, go to CLASSES > 2025 > InProcessing.  At the top of the In Processing page, set Photo Order OLDEST to NEWEST. Select your start page or click on the links below. If you have not set photo order Oldest to Newest first prior to clicking on the links, the links below will not take you to the correct page.

Men's Haircut pgs 380-423  Men's Haircut 

* There are some photos of the women getting their hair cut or learning how to style their hair in the Men's Haircut photos.  Later in the day we were able to send another photographer to photograph haircuts and this photographer only took photos of the women learning to style their hair.

Women's Hair Styling pgs. 423-449

Uniform Issue pgs.449  Uniform Issue