After taking placement exams in math and chemistry all day yesterday, the Basics had their first taste of Intramurals today.  Here are a few photos from the morning.  You can see how mixed together the Squadrons got while playing different sports. For this reason, we have created a special gallery just for intramural photos.  You might even get to see that first smile today.  Here is the link, BCT INTRAMURALS  but you can also get there by clicking on the Classes tab above, selecting 2021 and then BCT Intramurals.  Hopefully this will make your "Where's Waldo" search easier.

We were able to catch a bit of fencing, gymnastics, women's and men's basketball, tennis, hockey, cross country, volleyball, swimming, water polo, hockey, football, cheerleading, dance, & wrestling to name a few.  I am sure I missed some.  Whew!






For the rest of the day the Basics will be taking more assessment tests and be receiving briefings in their squadrons. 

No photo coverage tomorrow.  Hopefully this will give you all some time to catch up on all the photos taken so far.  This also may give you a chance to see your other family members and get away from your computer.  ;-)  The Basics will have a fairly light schedule. 

On Wednesday we will be getting more coverage as they begin to go through the Dentist, C-Store, Tailor shop, and more.

Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July!

Today's coverage is going up as I write this. Happy Hunting!