Prep Parents Weekend 2017

Hey WebFamilies!

It's Saturday evening, hopefully by this time you and your Cadet Candidates have had dinner off base somewhere and are enjoying yourselves. Many of you will likely not be reading this until you've return home in the next few days. Wherever you may be, from the WebGuy Team we hope that it was a wonderful time. For those of you who may not have been able to make the trip to Colorado, we hope you were able to connect with your cadet if only by phone.

There are already plenty photos from Parents Weekend up on the various social media sites. The WebGuy Team was out as well and all of our photos from the Friday and Saturdays events are now up in the Parents Weekend gallery. If you were at an event over the weekend that we weren't able to get to and have some good photos you would like to share just contact us at and we will make arrangements for you to send them to us. That is also true throughout the year. Many of our sports teams travel throughout the country to events. If you are there and want to help us with local coverage, you all have the opportunity to be part of the WebGuy Team.

Enjoy the highlights from our glimpse into Parents Weekend!

Early Friday morning, parents gathered in the Prep School parking lot waiting to catch a glimpse of his or her C/C as they made their way to the parents and we saw many happy faces all around!


The C/C's then took their guests around campus and into the Academic Building where they got to learn about the classes they're currently taking.

Next it was time for the Commander's Brief given by the Prep School Commander, Col Jacqueline Breeden, for all of the parents and their C/C's. During the briefing the parents learned about the goings on at the Prep School and were also able to ask the staff questions.

After lunch on Friday, it was time for the Football and Soccer game! The Prep School Husky Football Team played against Snow College with a final score of Snow College 44-6 Huskies. And the Husky Soccer Team played against the USAFA JV Team with a final score of Huskies 0-6 USAFA JV.

This morning was the Prep School Parade and boy did they look sharp!

After the parade C/C's and their families got to enjoy the Prep Tailgate provided by the Prep Dining Facility before the start of the Academy's Football game.


We hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

From all of us on the WebGuy Team, we just want you to know how much we appreciate your support.

To view the rest of the pictures from our glimpse into this year's Parents Weekend go to, Classes - Prep School - Parents Weekend. Or click the link below. We also suggest viewing the Gallery in "Oldest to Newest" to see the pictures in chronological order.

Prep Parents Weekend 2017