100s Night Dining In

This past Friday, the class of 2017 celebrated 100s Night.

In years past this would be the evening most of the Firsties would find out where their assignments would take them. For the class of 2017 however, they found out their jobs back in the Fall semester and their location assignments earlier in the Spring semester.

This Legacy event gives them more of an opportunity now to celebrate with each other and their Legacy class, the last 100 days they have until they become 2nd Lieutenants. This evening also marks the last Legacy event for this class at USAFA. Most of the class of 2017 will become part of the Long Blue Line into the United States Air Force, some will be crossing over into other US Military Branches and those who have been here as an International student will be heading home to serve in their own countries Military.

Before the Cadets arrived for the dinner, the Legacy Class had the opportunity to mingle with Cadets, Staff and the Guest Speaker 4 Star General John W. "Jay" Raymond for the evening up on the Staff Tower. This year we were graced with 24 Legacy Class members from the class of 1967.

Finally, it was time for the Firsties to arrive.

Once the Cadets finished filing into Mitch's, it was time for the Head Table to make their way up to the front and for the celebration to begin.

This years Master of Ceremonies were C1C James Hanley and C1C Colleen Staudenmaier.

After dinner the Guest Speaker, General John W. Raymond addressed the room. General Raymond is currently the Commander at Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. During his time talking to the Firsties he went over many important moments that have happened during their time here at the Academy, both to them personally and around the world. Including the memorable moment last year when C1C Brett Hagen asked the singer Taylor Swift to Ring Dance, General Raymond even called Cadet Hagen up to coin him and shake his hand.

In the video clip below you will be able to see the evenings events as well as his speech! Be sure to take a look!


C1C Hanley and C1C Staudenmaier presented General Raymond with a 2017 A-Jacket after his speech, officially inducting him into the class of 2017.

Before the 2017 Class painting was presented, the Commandant of Cadets General Williams addressed the Firsties and congratulated them on their acheivements.

Finally the Firsties were dismissed and it was time to really start their celebrations! Even though the event of the evening was 100s Night, the class of 2017 as of Friday only had 95 days left before Graduation and were also looking forward to a three day weekend. We heard talk about trips up to the mountains for fun time in the snow, to traveling out of Colorado. No matter what they did, we hope they all had a fun and safe weekend.


Congratulations, Class of 2017 - We can't wait to watch you become 2nd Lieutenants in a few short months!

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100s Night