2021 Falcon 50 Run

This past Saturday the 2021 Falcon 50 Run series was held at Stillman Field with the various race courses going throughout the Academy property.  This year due to Covid, only Cadets and USAFA personnel were allowed to enter the races.


This event has 4 race distances/options:

50 Mile: Two laps of the 25 mile Loop course.


Military Heavy (Marathon with a 35lb rucksack): 25 Mile Loop Course with a mini loop near Stillman Field.


Marathon: 25 mile Loop Course with a mini loop near Stillman Field.


Half-Marathon: Out and Back Course:


The Falcon 50 race series, founded in 2011, takes place on the Air Force Academy and is run throughout the Academy property.  Most of the races are run on dirt trails with some sections where runners have the choice to run on a sectioned off portion of paved roads or on the dirt road shoulders. The course will take its participants through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain the Academy has to offer. The course is extremely rugged and full of hills, including Three Bears. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

WebGuy was at the start of all four races. After the start, WebGuy moved to station #5 capturing the 50 miler, Military Heavy and Marathon competitors as they came through with 3 miles to the finish.



Timing & Scoring was conducted by CCR Timing via chip timing. The chip were worn on the shoe. During the race, live results were displayed on monitors located at the results tent.

All finishers were awarded a finisher medal.

Male 50 Mile finishers under 9 hours and females under 11 hrs were awarded the Falcon 50 Race Series Belt Buckle. Male Heavy Marathon finishers under 6.5 hours and females under 8.5 hours will received a Falcon 50 belt buckle. Additionally, all 50 Mile finishers received a Falcon 50 patch (approved for A-Jacket use if applicable).

50 Mile Top 3 Finishers: 1st: Patrick Boyle 7:36:14  2nd: Zac Olson 8:11:50  3rd: Peter Keller 8:14:37

1st Place: Patrick Boyle 7:36:14     


 Military Heavy (Marathon with 35lb rucksack) top 3 Finishers: 1st: Max Perkins 5:23:24  2nd: William Hubert 5:50:17  3rd: Patrick Gorman 5:54:53

1st Place: Max Perkins 5:23:24

Marathon Top 3 Finishers: 1st: Andi Almodovar 3:50:14  2nd: Denver Dalpias 4:19:14  3rd: Noah Marshall 4:23:33

1st Place: Andi Almodovar 3:50:14

Half-Marathon Top 3 Finishers: 1st: Jordan Allen 1:31:18  2nd: Andrew Schaeffer 1:36:49  3rd: Johnson Cael 1:46:36

1st Place: Jordan Allen 1:31:18

Congratulations to the winners and to all who finished the various races! And thank you to all the volunteers who made this race a success. Job well done!

To view photos from the Falcon 50 Run, go to Galleries > Extracurricular > Cadet Life.  Set photo order OLDEST to NEWEST. Select your start page (pg. 14-33) or click on the links below.

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Marathon Start (pg. 20-22)  Marathon

Half-Marathon Start (pg. 22-25)  Half-Marathon

Station # 5 (pg. 25-33)  Station 5