Welcome 2028!

1,132 appointees will in-process on June 26. In-Processing Day (I-Day) begins with these appointees lining up by squadron. One of the most important items Basics recieve are the colored ID cards that the Basics will wear during Basic Cadet Training (BCT). The cards are color coded to identify which BCT squadron they are in.


The 4,000+ cadets who comprise the Cadet Wing are divided into four groups of 10 squadrons each. Cadets live, eat and take part in military training with their squadrons, which are comprised of roughly even numbers of cadets from all four class years. But more on that in our Academic year posting after BCT!

On I-Day, Appointees start their day at the HAC (Holaday Athletic Center) and will spend most of their morning and early afternoon at the Cadet Field House. Basic Cadets (now called that, once they take the Oath of Office) will then be dropped off at the Cadet Area and begin receiving instruction from upper classmen (Cadre) before heading up the Honor Ramp. 

This will be followed by haircuts and the issuance of uniforms and dorms assignments.

We'll begin regular BCT coverage on June 27th as we cover the Swearing in Ceremony on Stillman Field. The Commandant conducts this ceremonial class Swearing In formally kicking off 6-weeks of BCT. 

The WebGuy team will be there along way to capture events on I-Day and during BCT. We do not cover every event, this can be due to privacy or other reasons out of our control. 

WebGuy will cover every BCT squadron during the summer, but we will not necessarily cover every squadron every day.  We try to get every flight within a squadron the best we can. The training schedule for each squadron varies. Please do not count the number of pictures for each squadron. By the end of summer, each squadron will receive the same amount of coverage. We are tracking on our end as well. 

To learn more about how WebGuy operates, read Saturday's Welcome to WebGuy blog. 

According to a USAFA news release, the class of 2028 is projected to include 29.7 percent women, 38 percent appointees of color. The class includes an additional 16 international cadets from: Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Moldova, Pakistan, Phillippines, Romania, Senegal, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Tunisa. 

Historically, appointments offered by the Academy and the makeup of each class differ slightly due to medical eligibility and changes in personal preference.

Rest up, we'll see you bright and early on Wednesday!