Louisiana 'Mardi Gras' Night

In Louisiana there is the saying 'Laissez les bon temps rouler' which means 'Let the Good Times Roll".



The Louisiana Parents Club only has 25 cadet members, and they have only been organized for roughly 3 years.

The event was catered by Cajun Chef Brunet and his restaurant Momma Pearls just south of USAFA in Colorado Springs. The parents provided jambalaya, King Cakes, Pralines, and other goodies. The parent also made the donations for catering and door prizes. Goodie bags were filled with various Louisiana items.

At one point during the event necklaces and other items were tossed out among all of the cadets and their guests to wear for the evening.




A favorite Louisiana seasoning is SlapYaMama, who provided 4oz seasoning containers which were handed out to all of the Cadets and their guests. Tabasco sent small bottles, Cypress Bayou Casino sent Pralines and Celebration Station sent the fun items to throw with beads. Louisiana is known for and has a tradition of throwing beads and items in their parades.

The Cadets also had some fun with the Louisiana 'red carpet' banner where they could get pictures taken with props.


We had a great time at Louisiana Night and can't wait to see them back again next year for their 2nd Annual state night!

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Louisiana 'Mardi Gras' Night