BCT July 3 Updates

Aggressor, Barbarian, and Flying Tigers families, we know you were anxiously awaiting seeing them, it's been a long stretch unfortunately they spent their day doing lectures and testing that we just don't go to. But know they were seen by the team in transit today and are looking great! Also, we "should" get everyone tomorrow at the 4th of July festivities. Note, we never promise to get your basic, we try, and trust us there are camera evaders they see us coming and they duck and dodge. 

Demons, Guts and Hellcat families, the team got up early to catch morning PT for these squadrons! You'll note that these groups are not tagged by squad and are simply tagged BCT 1. It's hard to tell which squad is which on PT mornings but we didn't want you to miss out either. There will be quite a few of these over the next few days. If we find out more that they're staying grouped by squad we'll work to adjust our postings and taggings! But it's back to I Day where's your basic yet again, we promise it does get easier, but your eyes rested for a few days so you'll be ok! Also note: there were shipping delays with PT gear so you won't see the iconic white PT shirt on the Class of 2027 for the time being. 

You can sort BCT 1 gallery for Class of 2027 start Oldest to Newest starting on page 69 or click here for PT Pictures


Cobras and Executioners headed to the Tailor Shop today for some new threads.  

Cobras - class of 2027, BCT 1, Cobras sort oldest to newest page 10 or click here!

Executioners - class of 2027 BCT 1, Executioners sort oldest to newest page page 8 or click here!


Please remember we try to get everyone, but we might not have gotten every flight of every squadron, things change at a moments notice on the schedule some days.