Intramural Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

This morning the team was out in full force catching intramurals. We were able to get the majority of IC sports, which is always a treat for us because when it's hot out, they're inside in the AC! We also were able to catch a few of those basics that are great at evading our cameras! So thank you mom for letting us know we finally found him!



Today they crowned the overall Intramural Champions. This year Flying Tigers got the honor. Will they be able to get another title at the upcoming Field Day? We'll find out soon! 

We were also able to catch Barbarians and Guts doing a little shopping and Flying Tigers at Uniform Issue. As we write this they're still being edited. Sorry families of those three squadrons if you're on the East Coast. We recommend making it an early morning instead of a late night!

Lastly, we want to thank all our members of our Family Plan. We know you pay your memberships failthfully to have the added benefit of WebGuy and you're why we do what we do! 

Tomorrow we'll have some information about the rest of the week's activities, especially if you're local you'll want to pay attention. Until then have a spectacular evening!