Sunday, Sunday...

Last Sunday in Jacks.

Can you believe it? It went so fast! Props to this year’s basics, from what we’ve been told it has rained, hailed, and blown tents over in the afternoons and evenings! We can attest the mornings haven’t been the warmest either.

All through it, the basics have grown and conquered their fears. Bet you can’t wait for Acceptance Day to see them or finally hear from them again! Although we bet you’re awesome at finding your basic’s ear or nose to know it’s them, especially on the Assault Course!  Also, we’ll give you more on A Day later. It’s over a week away there’s more fun stuff ahead before that!

Wrap up of today’s activities for you are as follow:

We didn’t get Aggressors. Barbarians and Executioners overcame Obstacles. Cobras hit the gun range. Demons were gassed (sorry about the wrong coding, they are all in Demons now!), Flying Tigers and Hellcats attacked the Assault Course! Guts built some confidence.

Pictures are still going up. We’ll notify on Facebook when they’re done. But this blogger/photographer is calling it a night, like the Aggressors fans should, because it’s going to be a long and early day tomorrow!