Heritage Blog - Class of 1985's BCT '81

Having grown up in a high-rise in Crystal City overlooking the Pentagon and the sights of Washington DC, the great outdoors was foreign to me.  Our cadre were excited to leave the cadet area and head out to Jack’s Valley, but to this city gal, the outdoors was quite the unknown adventure. We were, however, happy to abandon the marble strips and mundane tasks like straightening our "gig lines” on our AF blues.  Especially for women with our curvier waistlines, we’d just lift our Contrails up to our faces and the gig line was misaligned. By 2nd Beast, we were tight with our flight mates, and as long as we were all together, we knew we’d survive.  On 16 Jul 1981, we donned our solid green fatigues, and marched to Jack’s. I have three vivid memories of JV: 1) during the Assault Course, I didn’t low-crawl low enough under the barbed wire which caused my fatigues to get ripped across my back side. My tighty whities were visible for all to see, 2) as much as I broke in my black leather combat boots at home, I still got awful blisters, and 3) I earned the title of Big Bad Basic when I won the Pugil Stick competition.

Everything was green in the valley:

I attempted a diary:


The women had to keep their hair short all 4 years:


The leadership in 1981:

Some common items:

We pitched tents upon arrival:


We banked $45 that first month after the govt took their share: