Teals and Tails Resource Fair

The sound of barks and whinnies filled Arnold Hall during the Teals and Tails Resource Fair on April 11. The sounds were made by therapy dogs and horses from Go Team Therapy Dogs and the Remount Foundation. Cadets had the opportunity to play with and give treats to the four-legged creatures who enjoyed the abundance of attention. 

But the purpose of the fair was more mission critical than just an opportunity to enjoy the company of animals. The event provided cadets with information related to sexual assault awareness and prevention and was part of a series of events happening during Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM.) SAAPM is recognized in April by both civilian and military communities.  



USAFA’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) hosted the event in partnership with the Teal Rope Program, which utilizes cadets who receive specialized training in sexual assault prevention.  

These cadets serve as liaisons between sexual assault survivors and the SAPRO staff. The Teal Rope Program focuses on providing cadet peer assistance to victims of sexual assault, targeted training requests, and programmatic inquiries for the Cadet Wing and the Prep School.

SAPRO, along with the Teal Rope Program and USAFA senior leadership, provides victim advocacy, prevention education, training and outreach services to HQ USAFA, Cadet Wing, Faculty, Athletic Department, 10 Air Base Wing, Preparatory School and other mission partners. 

The Teal and Tails Resource Fair is a part of a collaborative effort by USAFA to raise awareness, to provide support and to prevent the issue of sexual assault. Several helping organizations such as Victim Counsel, Chaplain Corps and Zoomies Against Sexual Assault (ZASA) were present. 

ZASA is a USAFA graduate affinity group that consists of cadets, alumni, family and friends. The goal of ZASA is to combat sexual assault, harassment, and survivor abuse. The group aims to normalize the conversation surrounding sexual assault. More information about ZASA can be found on their website:  


Among the steps USAFA senior leadership has taken to address sexual assault was a video highlighting SAAMP. Senior leaders within the video explain how the USAFA community cares for and supports sexual assault survivors. 

“Together, we are in the fight against sexual assault. We all have the power to act and bolster prevention, increase reporting and promote advocacy for a safer community. We recognize there's work to be done.” Says USAFA Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard M. Clark '86 in the video.


If you would like more information about sexual assault prevention and assistance, please visit the SAPR victim assistance website: .

USAFA has a hotline for victim advocacy that can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 719-333-7272. USAFA responds to calls both on and off base.

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