A Word About Cadet Memberships

Hello Families!

A little serious talk is in order.  It has come to our attention that there is some misinformation regarding the WebGuy program and cadet AOG memberships floating among the various "Secret" Facebook groups.   

As we approach in-processing for another class, I would like to correct any confusion caused by well-meaning folks in their attempt to mentor and advise new families.  For the record, access to the WebGuy photo galleries is an AOG parent membership benefit.  Despite what you may have been told, it is NOT a cadet benefit.  Your cadet cannot get you cheap WebGuy access by becoming a life member and giving you their login.  They don't have a WebGuy login.

Paying for a life membership for a cadet is called LMAG.  It stands for Life Member at Graduation.  It is included in the Family Plan monthly fee.  Even if it is paid for in full in advance, it DOES NOT include WebGuy access for the cadet. The cadet members have most of the graduate member benefits during their time at the Academy. Upon graduation they  become full voting members and may participate in AOG elections. Alumni parent members retain all of their AOG benefits including WebGuy access without further payments following their cadet's graduation.  Here is a link to the AOG membership page which spells out all of the member benefits for both graduates and parents.
The Family plan was designed to allow parents and families to benefit from the 4 year photo program plus the other parent member benefits while at the same time investing in their cadet's future with an AOG life membership upon graduation.    

Parents of cadets who are also themselves USAFA graduates and AOG life members receive WebGuy access as an added benefit.  It does not include a membership for their cadet, however.  That must be purchased separately, either by them or by the cadet themselves.  

I hope this clears up any confusion.  We are getting so many phone calls as a result of misinformation.  

On that note, let me also use this opportunity to caution all the new families out there to be very careful about accepting as fact the information received in various parent support groups.  While created with the best of intentions, the phrase "Trust, but verify" should always apply.

The AOG and WebGuy are working dilligently with the Academy to ensure that we provide accurate and up-to-date information in what is always a changing environment.  

This is a stressful enough time for new families without misinformation adding to it.

Please call Megan Bollman at 719-247-8708 for specific AOG/WebGuy membership questions and check back here as well as on the USAFA and the WebGuy Facebook pages and at for accurate information in the run-up to I-Day and all through the summer and academic year.  

I promise that all my blogs will not be this serious.  It is just so important that we all get off on the right foot.  As Jerry McGuire says "Help ME, Help YOU!  

Coming up, my next post will have lots of info for you families coming out for In-Processing Day.

Go Falcons!