Acceptance Day Formation

Hi Families!

Tomorrow promises to be good weather for the Acceptance Parade.   Here's the forecast.  Sunshine.  Hight 83F.  Winds NW at 10 to 15MPH.  Wear sunscreen!   The diagram below will show you wear to sit for the best view of your cadet.  Remember, the Basics are marching in the academic year squadron, not their BCT squadron.  Here is how that translates.

Aggressors = Cadet Squadrons 1-5
Barbarians = Cadet Squadrons 6-10
Cobras = Cadet Squadrons 11-15
Demons = Cadet Squadrons 16-20
Executioners = Cadet Squadrons 21-25
Flying Tigers = Cadet Squadrons 26-30
Guts = Cadet Squadrons 31-35
Hellcats = Cadet Squadrons 36-40

Here is a WebGuy word to the wise.  The higher up you sit in the bleachers, the better your view of the parade.   The WebGuy team will be out in force.  Be sure to say hello if you see us in our gray polos.