BCT Coming To An End!

Hello all. WebHatter here.

Everything from today is up in the Galleries for BCT so check out each Squadrons perspective Galleries and even the BCT Cadre Gallery for you Cadre Parents out there! The Basics' had a very busy day. Acceptance Day Parade Practice this morning, their first Noon Meal Formation since coming back from Jacks yesterday, a Luncheon and an Award Ceremony for some of the Outstanding Basics' and Cadre from BCT 2.

From now until Tuesday morning things will be slightly quiet around here. So now you've got some time to look back over the Galleries from the summer and find pictures of your Basics' that you haven't found yet. Your (ALMOST) Cadet 4th Classmen are now in their transition to prepare for the Academic Year. We are all so proud of them for their accomplishments over the course of this summer. We can't wait to see them on Tuesday in their Blues all classy looking (weather permitting).

We hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! See you on the Parade Field for Acceptance Day!