2021 Recognition

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We want to thank you for your patience in waiting for our coverage of 2021's Recognition.

Recognition is complete and you're Cadets have received their "Prop and Wings". Congratulations!

Over the three days of Recognition we saw your cadets doing "grenade" crawls, running with heavy ruck-sacks, jumping, answering questions by their Cadre and more.

With Recognition finally over your Cadets are no longer "Doolies" and after Saturday have earned the right to wear the coveted "Prop and Wings" pin on their caps and we know they will be wearing them proudly. This isn't the only thing your Cadets have earned however - with the completion of this event they can now wear civilian clothing while off-duty, walk across the terrazo instead of running on the strips and this is the end of training exercises in the evenings - now they just have to worry about homework.

Recognition is, "a vital and traditional segment of the Academy experience and is a ceremonial acknowledgement that the fourth-class has successfully met the military training requirements and is prepared to continue the rigorous Academy journey."

As these Cadets move from their freshman to sophomore year they will gain more responsibilities within their Squadron and in general at the Academy. They will also be getting ready for this summer, which for the class of 2021 will be filled with Upperclassmen programs such as Jump, Soaring, RPA, ESET, Space Ops, possibly some Academic classes and don't forget - visiting you at home!

Your Cadets are almost a quarter of their way through USAFA and to think just yesterday they were going through I-Day. How time flies!

We tried our best catching as many events as we could and we hope we got at least one photo of every cadet, but if we missed yours it wasn't for lack of trying. Photos have been uploaded in chronological order or as close to it as we could get with several photographers getting pictures over the course of Recognition. Below are highlights of the events we caught a glimpse of over the last few days.

On Thursday, to begin Recognition the 4 Degrees and their Cadre came together for the Wing Round Robin on Stillman Field where they were treated with a B-1 Fly-over. Then Recognition began!




On Friday the 4 Degrees went through many different courses over the course of the day - don't worry they had a lunch break in between! We were able to catch them on Stillman Field, the Holaday Athletic Center (HAC) and on the Terrazzo. The Maltz Challenge took place on Stillman Field, the Academy Tour on the Tzo and the Battlefield Airman Courses in the HAC. Each course pushed them physically and mentally and just like with BCT they came together and helped each other complete each challenge coming out stronger than when they started.




Finally, Saturday arrived - Prior to the March out to the Rock the 4 Degrees went through a SAMI in the morning. By the afternoon when we caught up with them on the March Out the 4 Degrees were in high spirits and we were greeted by a lot of happy faces.




Once all 40 Squadrons made it out to the rock, it was time for group photos!


Before being dismissed to get cleaned up and changed for their "Prop and Wings" ceremonies and the Recognition Dinner the 4 Degrees and their Firsties formed up on the Tzo with the rest of the cadet wing for one last Retreat Formation.

Some local parents even came out to welcome the 4 Degrees back after the run to the rock!



Congratulations to the Class of 2021!


To view the rest of our glimpse into Recognition go to; Classes - 2021 - Recognition. Or click the link below.

2021 Recognition!