Expeditionary Survival and Evasion Training (ESET) Through this 10 day program, cadets complete their ESET and Commissioning Education Program requirements during the summer after their freshman year.

For those WebFamilies whose 3rd Class Cadets are going through ESET. Here is a bit of what they are learning while experiencing this program.

Cadets in ESET go through extensive training and are taught how to understand and execute necessary "deployed combat skills" and at the same time learning how to stay calm, coherent and be incredibly effective at thinking through things under pressure. Officers and Enlisted personnel as well as Cadet Cadre will work together to teach these skills throughout the summer.

Some of the Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTP) that Cadets will learn are; 

Land Navigation and Survival, Isolation Recovery Mechanisms, Proficiency with M9, Forward Operating Base, Patrol, Counter IED and VBIED (Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device) and more. 

With these concepts the Cadets gain personal experience as part of an Air Expeditionary Force deployment, employment and redeployment.

For this Go, we stopped by during their training days and were able to get coverage of all 4 Flights experiencing ESET.

To view the rest of the pictures from our coverage this week, go to Classes - 2019 - ESET. Or click the link below.