Doolie Day Out

"Doolie" is a slang term for Fourth-class cadets (freshmen). According to the USAFA website, Doolie Day Out provides Basic Cadets with the opportunity to regroup and get ready for Jacks Valley and the final push to complete Basic Cadet Training.

Doolie Day Out is the first chance that the new cadets have since arriving at the Academy to go off campus and it is the first time they meet their sponsor family. For the Intercollegiate athletes, the coach is often their sponsor. 

According to the USAFA website, The Cadet Sponsor Program builds a professional mentoring relationship and provides a home-away-from-home for cadets on a permanent basis during their time at the Academy.

The program is offered for all four years at the Academy, and cadets and sponsors may make by-name requests that the Cadet Sponsor Office will attempt to honor. If by-name requests are not made, common interests, hobbies, or preferences are used as matching criteria. Sponsors often develop lifelong relationships with their cadets – and many cadets come to consider their sponsors as a second family.

Cadets come from all across the nation, and often their families live far from campus. The sponsor family program is made up of local Academy supporters who are willing to provide a home-away-from-home to Academy cadets.



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