Picture Finding 101

Welcome to your Picture Assitance Blog or How to find Photos 101!

Click on the “Classes” tab on the top right of page. There will be a drop down menu with class years. Please select the class year you want to look.

Then you should be on the Classes page. See image below. Currently, there are two folders for Class 2022. As you see below there are 3, look for that third one to pop up on Monday! If you are looking for a certain squadron click on BCT-1 and there will be a drop down menu of squadrons. Select your squadron.

Then you should be in the squadron gallery of your choice. We like to sort newest too oldest, this way the newest pictures come up first.

We hope this tutorial helped those of you that are/were struggling and will always be here as a good refresher as the summer goes on.

As we have previously mentioned while we’d love to cover each squadron every day that is not always going to happen according to the schedule, so be prepared that you might have a day with no coverage and the next day have hundreds of pictures to sort through! For example, since each squadron has five flights who train separately, even though we may be covering say Cobras, we may not get every flight, since they don't do things at the same time.  Please don't keep score.  We have no way to tell which flight is which, only the squadron color. The security access, and the training schedule are the limiting factors.   We have worked hard to be sure that by the end of BCT, each squadron has the same level of coverage.  You can look for photos in their squadron galleries starting with our coverage on Monday afternoon.  As you can see it’s been a slow weekend the basics are going to be doing a lot of testing in classrooms.  We can't cover that, but they will all be doing something we can cover on Monday which is intramurals.  We will be able to have a lot of access and should be able to cover every squadron doing something.  We hope that is clear.  We will get more into how things will work during BCT 2 and Jack's Valley as we roll along.

Lastly, we know what the plan is for every day.  Generally we will be blogging about what has already happened.  Since this is the Air Force and things always remain fluid, we don't want to promise coverage that we end up not being able to provide. 

We hope this blog was very informative.  Stay tuned for some future informative yet more light hearted blogs!